DWEG Helmtauchertreffen in Holland

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DWEG Helmtauchertreffen in Holland

Beitragvon Franz » Mi 9. Jul 2014, 07:51

Hallo Zusammen,

am 21. und 22. September findet das Helmtauchertreffen in Holland statt. André Merks hat uns dazu eine Übersicht geschickt. Wegen der Nähe zur Veranstaltung von Jean Grepinet in Frankreich kann sich der Termin noch verschieben.

Gruß, Franz

(Dutch Working Equipment Group)

September 20th & 21th 2014

At Lake Galder – Breda - Holland

Dear diving friends,

You're all invited to join us for the September meeting of the Dutch Working Equipment Group
This event takes place in the weekend of September 20th (Saturday) and 21th .
The location is Lake Galder, situated near Breda in The Netherlands.

Meet other helmet divers, Exchange information about helmet diving and to Dive with historic helmet diving equipment.

We do have at least 3 complete diving sets; 1 complete Siebe Gorman (including diving pump) , 1 complete Dreager (including diving pump) and 1 Draeger DM 220. You are invited to bring your diving helmet(s) and gear with you. Everyone who brings his own equipment in order to dive with it, is responsible for and must confirm that his equipment has no failure and that it is in good working order.

For safety reasons, only one helmet diver can dive. If we do have enough attendants we can arrange two divers at the same time. Each dive (one or max. two divers) is accompanied by a safety diver.
Please take your Scuba gear when you would like to take your turn as a safety diver.

Galderse meren. (Lake Galder) Rijsbergsebaan, parking place 6 at Galder. See added map. This location is situated near Breda, approximately 10 minutes from highway A58, exit 14.

Time schedule Saturday:
09:00 - 10:00 receipt of our guests
10:00 - 12:00 preparing the diving gear
12:00 - 16:00 diving
16:00 – 17:00 packing and cleaning
19:00 - 21:00 wok restaurant

Time schedule Sunday:
9:00 - 11:00 preparing the diving gear
11:00 - 16:00 diving
16:00 – 17:00 packing and cleaning

Hotels in the neighbourhood:
Novotel Breda by Accor hotels.com
Address: Dr Batenburglaan 74, 4837 BR Breda, The Netherlands.
Price: app. 70 euro for a double bedroom, incl breakfast.
Tel: (+) 31 76 5659220
Fax: (+) 31 76 5658758
Bookings: by the website.
Link: http://www.accorhotels.com/nl/hotel-051 ... ndex.shtml

Campanile hotel Breda
Adres: Minervum 7090, 4817 ZK Breda
Price: app. 100 euro for a double bedroom, incl breakfast
Tel: 0031-76-5787700
Fax: 0031-76-5787701
Link: http://www.campanile-breda.nl

Hotel: app. 100 euro per night including breakfast for two persons.
Wok restaurant: app. 30 euro per person.
Lunch: selfservice
Drinks: selfservice
Diving: No costs.

Please do not hesitate to contact in any case you have a question or remark;

Kees de Jonge (c.a.dejonge@upcmail.nl) or (+) 31 492-511795 or (+) 31 6 24432023
André Merks (a.a.merks@hotmail.com) or (+) 31 118 583063
Sandy Rijgersbergen

How to join?
Send an email to Kees (c.a.dejonge@upcmail.nl) if you would like to join the weekend.

Please send us the following information before saturday august 30th;
- when will you be present? – saturday and sunday / only saturday / only sunday
- do you bring your own historic helmet equipment? (and if so, please give an brief describtion)
- Do you bring your scuba gear?
- Are you willing to participate as a safety diver (only for one morning or afternoon)?
- how many persons (non-divers) will accompany?
- Do you want to join us for dinner at the wok-restaurant?.
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