8th Annual International Meeting „RETRO DIVING 2022“

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8th Annual International Meeting „RETRO DIVING 2022“

Beitragvon Lothar » Sa 28. Mai 2022, 18:57

September 9th – 11th 2022
Stone-pit Leštinka by Skuteč, Czech Republic

Programm of the event:

Friday September 9th
Arrivals of the first participants, friendly evening party

Saturday September 10th – the main program
Arrivals of participants
10:30 opening Ceremony
- exhibitions of the historical diving gear from the collections of HDS CZ members,
- the stock of the historical diving gear, books, magazines, etc. to trade, buy or sell,
- diving the historical and present diving gear,
- presentations and diving helmet diving apparatus and old aqualungs,
Individual participants, who decide to participate in diving activities, do so at their own risk.
16:00 lectures and presentations to the diving history
- Wieslav Wachovski:
- Enrico Kossak: Diving suit and helmit DM 200/220,
- Milan Nachtigal: Plastics as a part of diving equipement
- barbecue & bier party (15,- EUR/person)
- a close of main program,
- departures of participants without accomodation,

Sunday September 11th – the free program
- diving the historical and present diving gear,
- swimming, get tanned,
Alteration of program is reserved.

Accomodation and catering
In the area of the stone-pit in the 3bed/4bed rooms, or in a tent or a caravan.
Price: cca 19 Eur/person/night.

Catering: full pension cca 15 Eur/day, half pension cca 9 Eur/day, single meal cca 5,5 Eur.

Reservation no later than August 15th 2022 on milannachtigal@seznam.cz +420 725 537 174

Parking is possible in the area of stone-pit.
More information: www.divepark.cz
GPS 49.8406739N, 15.9734322E

Everybody is hearthly welcome.
Jindřich Zoul v.r. Milan Nachtigal v.r.
president of HDS CZ coordinator of the Retro Diving 2022
Praha, July 28th 2022
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