IKEA Helmet Stand

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IKEA Helmet Stand

Beitragvon GKAM » Do 11. Aug 2016, 16:02

I first came across a similar helmet stand in our Neustadt meetings and liked the idea immediately. Thinking to myself, these would be even better if one could rotate the helmet for easier display. About a week ago, a SNUDDA Drehplatte smiled at me in IKEA :) . A short stop to the DIY store, and minutes later I had all the simple parts needed to build a rotating stand. Here are some photos for anyone interested.

Take apart the SNUDDA and salvage the large wooden disc and ball bearing assembly.

Center and mount the lower part of the base (assembly comes from a 20cm furniture leg bought in DIY section).

Screw on the tube from the furniture leg and attach the SNUDDA ball bearing assembly with a M10 low profile screw.

Center the ball bearing assembly on a piece of 8mm MDF cut to the shape of a neck gasket.

Detail of MDF gasket spray painted black and secured over the ball bearing assembly.

The finished stand, blending nicely and allowing the helmet to be rotated at will.
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Re: IKEA Helmet Stand

Beitragvon Franz » Fr 12. Aug 2016, 06:48

Hi George!

Compliments, that is a good idea. . . .

: )
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